Why Indigenous Prophecies Can Guide Us To a Soft Landing

Voices in support of the Natural Villages approach to community development speak out; attending to the details of Hopi, Vedic, – other Shamanic prophecies.

Many people today watch the news and sigh heavily, dropping head and sometimes hearts over wrenched hands. We avoid finding out, or crave the latest news, to discover out just how bad it is getting. A new perspective is emerging and it just might be the solution to our woes. If we follow the guidance of our greatest spiritual priests, yogi’s, saints and sages of all our varied cultures, one story emerges, with a focused set of simple teachings. A unified and across-continent and cultural borders, with a set of simple practices that speed evolution for every human who uses them.

Humanity our unifying religion, breath our unifying prayer and consciousness our unifying God. ~Yogiraj Siddhanath

The great resurrection of consciousness.The wonderful wefting and wafting deeper and deeper into spiritual perspectives, energies, truths and experiences. This is the promise that comes if we can become a human culture that values love, our landscapes and creatures– and if we attend to the practices, ceremonies, festivals and community enhancing rituals that hold spiritual energy in place in a balanced world. We have expert step by step guidance to help usher in an era of peaceful co-existence. Welcome to the emergent fifth root race; welcome to our new era of living the consciousness of love as though our soul’s eternal lives depend on it.

Return of the Christos or the Solar King

The Kalki Avatar; or the Returned Christos, his Entourage and Celestial GovernanceVedic scholars believe that Hopi (Dine) people received parts of their calendar and star knowledge from East Indian Sages. Checking dates and historical meetings on record help show this. Many cross-cultural realities turn up when examining the true spiritual teaching stories of our many cross continental ancestors and holy people; those whose lives were daily and hourly- lived in a sacred manner. These stories depict a “Son or Sun” of LOVE who comes to spiritually redeem the people.

Truly living “namaste” (Sanskrit respect and humble equality greeting) made every householder a shaman, priest or ceremony leader if the culture had pure love as its solar, radiating energetic heart. Many of these teachings of beauty-way understanding and natural-law spirituality are all very close matches. The Saints of the Great White Brotherhood were known in India to be the Lords Of Compassion; wearing only the purest white cotton cloth–white because they emitted pure solar-love magnetic energy that could heal the sick, bring new life to the old and even raise the dead in certain circumstances.Colors caused this precious subtle energy to become less-available as darker colors block light.

This subtle love-light is also known as “shakitipat.” It is rare that a story predicting the return of a sun or solar son of God coming to redeem the people isn’t even more commonly know than it is, because each culture has its own experience of having this done for them in pre-history by one of their own holy Saint or Sage, Priest or Brahmin. In Vedic-era scriptures of Vasishta’s Yoga (available from Amazon.com in English) it is Lord Ram who awakens to a life of 1000 earth years and magical flying servants and demi-gods telling stories that reflect other tales from other continents. How humans do love a great story. Especially if it is known to be true. This is how we have kept this art of historic lineage teaching alive.

Historians Like Carbon Dating

Historians claim carbon dating place the first known teachings of Vasishta’s Yog at older than 1 million.700 years due to its connection to the famed bridge of Ramayana that was digitally mapped by sattelite. These scriptures report events that sound as though they are from our current (and their future) era at times. Vasishta’s Yoga is a rich resource for everything spiritually perceived and explained in a manner that enlightens the reader deeply. The Kalki Avatar; or the Returned Christos, his Entourage and Celestial Governance According to Vedic Puranas and other Yog Sutras, our incoming era is to hearald the return of a holy spiritual king; The Kalki Avatar who will be preceeded by four horsemen riding steeds; one black, one brown one white and one yellow.

The riders are to be Avatarnath Kuthumi, Avatarnath Meytreya, Avatarnath El Morya and Avatarnath Vaivaswat Manu According to these teachings, the spiritual governance begins in this realm with Lord Shiva Goraknath (Avelokteswara, the unknowable Godhead) and his celestial court governs down in circles of gradient authority from there. This realm has never been without its spiritual Masters and their relationship to us over this last world cycle is now being fully released, much like the slow release after each fulfilled prophecy carefully upheld by the Hopi elders.

These story-like historically validated guides tell us exactly what to expect and how to make it easier on ourselves. They are literally reading this from old books and tablets.

According to the scriptures and akashic records interpreted by Yogiraj Siddhanath, current lineage place-holder for the Nath Sampradaya (Lineage of Lords) the four Horsemen will be :

1. Kalki Avatar , who is also known as Avatarnath Maitreya ,
2. Avatarnath Vaivaswat Manu ,
3. Nath Naga-Ajun , who is also known as King Devapi or Devapi Koot-Humi ; who was Lahiri Mahasaya.
4. Nath Vikramaditya , who is also known as Chandragupta El Morya ; who was Sri Yukteswar and Moses and who will evolve into the future Manu Savarni of the sixth root race.

Avelokteswara to the Buddhists and Jesus to the Christians is Lord Shiva to the Yogi’s, Shaman, Priests and Sadhus.

Each one of these original indigenous systems speak of the king of love, lord of compassion and pure spirituality that needs to be carefully cultivated and nourished in order to grow valuable, spiritual fruit. We must become the kings of peace in order to teach love and truth and engage the action of living spiritual lives that are worthy of being lived. Our job as humans is to become spiritually valuable; competent at teaching how to love without conditions, judgments, criticisms or conflicts. We are to view each other as worthy of respect, honor, trust, faith, truth and justice. Our greater cultures were once organized to support this as a reality of conduct and was part and parcel of the greater, main-stream culture.

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