Feng Shui Personality Traits That You Should Know

Personality is a personal attribute but can it be influenced by your birthday and Feng Shui. Read this article to find out more about you.

Your personality is united with your birth year and is known as your birth element. The energy or “chi” developed from this element has its own set of personality traits, which manifest themselves as the Yin and Yang of energy. While Yin and Yang are at opposite ends of the spectrum some individuals are not as specifically defined, and have personality traits from both. Knowledge of your own personality based on the Yin or Yang energy allows you insights that bring harmony into your home and personal interactions with others.

Yin and Yang Traits

You may understand more, when people comment: they fight like cats and dogs, bringing meaning to the polar opposites of Yin and Yang. They can form relationships and work together in an atmosphere pleasing to both and the old saying “opposites attract” can add a balance to their differences be it at work or play. As an individual, they are in their true element with others of the same Yin or Yang personality.

The Balance of a Yin and Yang Personality

At the core of anyones own personality, we can discover what sets them apart if we know what to look for. Each of us has our own unique character traits and ideals, and the balance between a Yin personality and Yang personality can be accomplished. If we look around our own home, we may see a comfortable sofa and thick rugs, cluttered with possessions that establish you as an earth element and a Yin personality, or perhaps a Yang personality with a minimalist view towards decor. Another scenario is the Yang personality living within a harmonious palette of burnt orange/red, with objects that would relate to a fire element individual. By knowing our personality of Yin and Yang, we can strive to incorporate harmony and balance in our lives.

Yin Personality Traits

They manifest themselves as the quiet introspective type and often are seen as shy and non committal. They are happy plodding along focusing on personal forms of entertainment and easily abstaining from a night on the town preferring a night spent in the comfort of their home. Because they are mainly attentive to working out personal problems, they tend not to acknowledge the creative side of their partner, if he or she has a Yang personality. The Yin person is quietly loyal and somewhat dependent. Part of their nature is to hold on to things which no longer have relevance, thereby cluttering up their home and creating stagnant energy.

Yang Personality Traits

This extroverted individual has a tendency to become involved with other peoples lives, at times, making it impossible to separate the accompanying stress that comes with it. They possess idealistic natures with high levels of energy. Socially outgoing, they have innate confidence and self worth. They are intellectually strong and have the ability to stand up for what they believe to be correct. Wanting to accomplish many things in their life, which is not done so without consequences, Yang personalities pose a greater risk for stress and anxiety disorders.

The Metal Personality

The birth years for the metal personality end in zero and one.
Yang metal is white: years ending in zero as in 1900-2000
Yin metal is silver: years ending in number one as in 1901-2001

Metal personality types prefer clean minimalist lines and dislike clutter of any kind.They are perfectionists that seek and strive to create order.In decor they choose simple white walls without excess of furnishings.

The Water Personality

The birth years for the water personality end in two and three
Yang water is black: years ending in two as in 1902-2002
Yin water is gray: years ending in three as in 1903-2003

Water personalities enjoy the cool dark spaces that invoke a quiet atmosphere of relaxation. Bathrooms can be an extension of their environment making use of luxurious tubs and cool colours. Interior fountains and running water enrich the water personality.

The Wood Personality

The birth years for the wood personality end in four and five
Yang wood is green: years ending in four as in 1904-2004
Yin wood is blue: years ending in five as in 1905-2005

Wood personalities create a home with many live plants and fresh flowers that attract energy.They tend to nurture their plants and see them as an extension of growth and often they extend the colour scheme of the wood or plants for walls.

The Fire Personality

The birth years for the fire personality end in six and seven
Yang fire is red: years ending in six as in 1906-2006
Yin fire is purple: years ending in seven as in 1907-2007

The fire personality is highly eccentric and unique. They display interesting objects with flair with treasures from their adventures here and afar. Their individuality spotlights intensity in decor in their living space.

The Earth Personality

The birth years of the earth personality end in eight and nine
Yang earth is yellow: years ending in eight as in 1908-2008
Yin earth is gold: years ending in nine as in 1909-2009

The earth personality has created a cozy environment which focuses on comfort. Stuffed furniture, thick rugs and fancy, sometimes frilly objects tend to blend into their space. People enjoy visiting and feel comfortable in this setting. Most earth personalities tend to hoard and frequently overlook the already cluttered space.

Your year of birth may influence your personality but cannot completely determine it. You are the master of your own personal universe.

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